Manfrotto 290 Series

The 290 lineup represents one of the most important collections in the Manfrotto offer; it is carefully designed to accompany passionate hobbyists as they take more serious steps in their passion for photography. There are select models available in both Aluminum and Carbon Fiber. Kits for the 290 Dual and 290 Xtra series utilizes the new 804 3-way head.
290 Dual is the natural connection between the 290 and the higher-end family of the Manfrotto offering, the 190 and 055. It has kept the sturdy construction of the 290 featuring the patented 90° column mechanism, which together with the 4 leg angle positions enables it to reach ground level. These features make the 290 Dual the ideal support for photographers to express maximum creativity by discovering totally new shooting perspectives. This series features 1 Aluminum tripod leg, a ball head kit and 3-way head kit.
290 Xtra is the link between past and future: it’s still the classic rock-solid 290 tripod but it features new style and technical functions. 290 Xtra has become more flexible thanks to the new 4 leg angle positions that allow photographers to be much more creative. It maintains its solid body both in aluminum and carbon fiber with an exciting design update. The 290 Xtra, in its tripod-leg only and 3 kit versions – 3-way head, 2-way head & ball head – comes with a dedicated shoulder bag that makes it the perfect photographic companion both indoors and outdoors.
290 Light represents the ideal support for hobbyist photographers who are just starting out in serious photography. Like all the 290 tripods, it has a solid aluminum body construction, which together with its adjustable aluminum leg locks makes it a portable yet totally reliable support. Thanks to its winning price positioning, 290 Light is the perfect weapon against competition. This series comes in 2 kitted versions only, bundled with a 3-way head or ball head. Alongside the tripods, the 290 monopods have been updated. They feature a tecnopolymer upper disc with grooves which increase camera stability, and also a 1/4 and 3/8 attachment for camera and head. Both the aluminum and the carbon fiber 4-section versions boast a new rubber legwarmer to increase grip and angled wrist strap to have great ergonomics.

290 Series & 804 3-Way Head

290 Series & 804 3-Way Head

Key Benefits:

  • RELIABILITY – Adjustable Aluminum Locks

Allow the user to securely set the tripod up.

  • STURDINESS – Aluminum Spider Cast

The rock spider cast with its screw column lock allows for perfect tightening.

  • ERGONOMICS AND GRIP – Rubber Leg Warmer

Comfortable to use with a new distinct style that follows the 055 & 190 design
guidelines.(Not included on 290 Xtra CF)

  • OUTSTANDING STYLE – Premium Italian Design

Functional with a distinct style of bold, clean shapes and lines.

  • CREATIVITY – Multiple leg angle positions

Allows the user to achieve spectacular shots at different angles.

  • PORTABILITY – Shoulder bag included (Xtra models only)

Easy transportation for those on the go.

  • COMPACT – Retractable levers (804 3-Way Head; Not included with 290 Light)

Reliable 3-way photographic head that is very easy to pack and carry.