Yes, it’s time to transfer your old audio & video cassettes.

We get calls regularly from people looking to transfer their old tapes to a better more reliable format. Let's face it, most of us no longer have the right players to view our old home movies or listen to that audio recording of the kids singing to us when they were younger. And even if we were willing to go out and buy a new deck, we might end up spending hours trying to find a store that sells what we need. Truth of the matter is, it's not that difficult to convert those old cassettes to a newer more reliable format. But unless you have the right hardware and software, combined with a little bit of tech savvy, it can seem overwhelming.

This is where CAM Audio wants to come in and help relieve that burden. We want to provide you with quality service that meets your needs at a fair and affordable price. So, if you no longer have a way to listen to your old cassette tapes or view those old home movies, we can transfer them for you to CD or DVD. Better yet, convert them to a digital format. You can then store those files on your computer or upload them to the web. Maybe you want to edit your own movies, but need to get your footage converted to a format you can import to your video editor. We can help you. So, whether you want to transfer your old audio cassettes to a CD, or save them as mp3, transfer your family home videos, author a DVD or Blu-ray, or upload to the web, we can convert your media.

Visit our transfer page to view our simple, straight-forward pricing.

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